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According to the nub theory it's TOTALLY possible to predict your baby's sex at the 12-week scan.The idea, known as the ‘angle of the dangle’, suggests that you cantell what sex of baby you’re having at your first ultrasound. Wait until your 20-week anomaly scan to find out the sex of your baby you'll need to have a word with him (or her) first because if she (or he) does an impression of a wiggly worm at the scan, there's no chance of working it out.It is important however, that you tell you son or daughter that they can them come to you to chat about any aspect of the information that they want you to chat about or help them to understand.If your child doesn’t approach you with questions, set aside time to chat to them about the book and invite questions if they have them.The theory goes that if you’re having a boy the nub points up at 30 degrees or more and if you’re having a girl the ‘angle of the dangle’ is less than 30 degrees. Dr Geetha Venkat, Director of the Harley Street Fertility Clinic isn’t a fan of the idea: “The angle of the dangle is a very popular theory; however there is no medical research that backs up this idea.Up until your 14th or 15th week scan, the female and male genitalia simply look too similar to 100% differentiate between the two.Using either method, you will have thought about what you will be discussing and given yourself an opportunity to prepare for the discussion.Some parents, if they buy a book, prefer to give the book to their child and encourage them to read it at their own pace.

Map out (on paper if necessary) the areas that you want to discuss with your child making sure that you cover everything.

HERE IT COMES, the ‘dreaded’ chat with your children about sex.

Your child may ask you to tell them about how babies are made, they may hint that they have heard something about sex or you may just decide that it is time to talk to them and teach them some of the facts of life. You should have the chat when your son or daughter show signs of wanting information.

You may prefer to read the book with them – if so, pick a time that you have plenty of space and time to read the book with them.

It may also be helpful to let them take the book and re-read it themselves, that helps if they have any feelings of embarrassment while reading it with you and also gives them the chance to go over any areas that they need to understand better.

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