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Now expand to the Man School, Do your best to beat and capture the red haired girl. For those complaining about having to deal with both male and female: If you spend the first batch of days just training with the sister, then the assistant leader challenges you.Attack the last Man School and you will be told that its too stronge, you must find another way. Is it too much to ask for some nice graphics and animations, versatile moves, some battle cries? If you defeat her completely then she`ll submit to you.At this point everyone except the red haired girl should have been captured and have submitted. Perhaps you could provide us the possibility to control our fighter onto some degree? Then the gang leader returns, if you volunteer to give her to her brother then gang leader will leave you all territories, you won`t have to fight him or brother, and you`ll still get to bang the assistant.(sometime around now the straw haired boy should return for your TALK, don`t be discouraged if he doesn`t. t work but you will be given a plan to use the poison, say yes. He/She only stands there, and you are told: yeah, you succeeded or nope, you failed! Then just focus and training and attacking the leader of man dojo and presto. *note to beat red head you must claim all territory then get the bacteria from gambling at the recruit zone.Like the game rapely, many liked it while others found it detesting and degrading to women.But one hell of a fun game, I understand peoples concerns, they think others will be easily influenced by such games and commit them in real life.

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I wouldn`t have figured out the poison option without reading it in hints, though. I thought that the ending was a little weak for all the work I did in defeating the two dojos, repeatedly plowing the sister, having to engage in homosexual activity, etc.

Sex should be between two (or more) consenting adults, not forced upon this who do not want it. I pretty much ignored the pics and dialogue after the first two or three.

Takes a long time to complete, sex scenes could be better, preferred to not have the gay characters, but it gets addicting to see how well you can do.

The scenes are pretty good, but it`s the same scenes over and over and over...

They get boring, quickly, especially since they`re so short.

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