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14 Dibble's Self-Hiving Arrangement 16 Editorial Buzzings 7 Espercette as a Honey-Plant 7 Finding a Black or Hybrid Queen.. Root 8 Selections from Our Letter Box 21 Sick or Starved Bees 9 Small Yield of Honey so Far 22 Starting Bees in the Sections 13 Storing Honey Rapidly, Etc 23 Suffering from Rheumatism 22 Texas Bee-Notes— Queens Mating 18 Too Small Queen-Cages • • 13 Visits Among Iowa Bee-Keepers 15 Volume XXX of the Bee Journal 7 " Walk-Over " Foundation Fastener 20 White Clover Bloom is Plentiful 21 White Clover in Abundance - 21 2 AMERICAN BEE JOURNAL. This is a German translation of the principal portion of the book called " Bees and Honey." 100 pages. The AVN Awards are film awards sponsored and presented by the American adult video industry trade magazine AVN (Adult Video News) to recognize achievement in various aspects of the creation and marketing of American pornographic movies and they are called the "Oscars of porn".The awards are divided into nearly 100 categories, some of which are analogous to industry awards offered in other film and video genres and others that are specific to pornographic/erotic film and video.

For the 1999 ceremony AVN Magazine began hosting the Gay VN Awards, an annual adult movie award event for gay adult video.

AVN sponsored the first AVN Awards ceremony in February 1984.

The award ceremony occurs in early January during the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Newman.— A Record and Account Book for the Apiary devoting two pages to each colony.

Newman.— It contains the Parliamentary Law and Rules of Order for Bee- Conventions— also Constitution and By-Laws, with Subjects for Discussion. Bee-Keepers' Guide, or Manual of the Apiary, by Prof. It comprises a full delineation of the anatomy and physiology of bees.

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