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I really love surfing porn sites and watching cute girls masturbating. Teen girls are sexy and before you know it I’m sliding my hand down my jeans and fingering my pussy while I watch the videos.

I was doing this thing I do, watching porn and fingering my teen pussy when my Dad came home.

He finishes taking off her fishnet body suit and panties caressing her breasts and ass. He tells her to scrunch her soles like a washboard. He chokes her a bit and lets go so she will trust him. He repeats another time and goes longer then letting her breath. He ties her hands together in front and takes his belt off his pants.

He needs the feet so he ties them together looking at her ass and feeling her legs. He gets the belt through the buckle around her neck and pulls a little bit at first.

She kicks Coco over and over in the side, stomach and in the back. She pulls her up by her hair and Gets her up against the wall Punching her a couple of times before she looks at the camera man and says she is glad everyone will see this and winks at the camera.

Belle starts working her body, punching her in the stomach, ribs, and kidneys over and over until she is coughing up blood on to her tits.

He pulls her down to the bed by the long end of the belt so he can watch her squirm around, see her feet and her face. The foot fetish man drags her around the bed with his belt, getting her tied feet to stick in his crotch and squirm around before he takes the belt and runs it under and over the rope tied to her feet.Her eye is slightly closed from a big shot to the right side of the temple.She coughs a bit and tries to sit up but Belle straddles her and punches her face left and right as she sits on her.He kneels and her head is over the edge barely, belt digging in. He pulls hard and her back and neck arch from the pulling, her feet flex and scrunch with the soles facing her knees bent.She checks and each time the legs kick it chokes her harder.

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