Absolute vs relative dating archaeology

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A relative standard deviation (RSD) of 4.3 - 8.5% for ETV was obtained, while 2.15 - 6.84% RSD was found for DMD.Journal: Analytical Sciences Volume: 21 - Pages: 569-71 DOI: 10.2116/analsci.21.569 Products: µflow PFA-100 nebulizer Abstract: A low-pressure inductively coupled plasma atomic emission system with a double membrane desolvator (DMD) was built in the laboratory.The analytical performance of the ETV was tested and compared with that of a PFA pneumatic nebulizer with a double membrane desolvator (DMD).The limits of detection of the ETV were obtained in the range of 3.4 ng to 758 ng for Zn, Cu, Co, Fe, and Mg, while those of the PFA nebulizer were in the range of 53 ppb to 286 ppb.

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For the particular LP-ICP used, rotational temperatures of selected diatomic molecules and excitation temperatures of Fe II and Fe I were measured.

The migration/elution order of the deoxynucleotides investigated was obtained by comparison with the migration/retention times of commercially available d NMP's.

Furthermore it was checked if HPLC-ESI-MS can be operated under the same chromatographic conditions for the confirmation of the elution order and for the characterisation of unknown peaks.

This experiment provides proof that the mechanism of ionization and excitation was influenced mainly by the character of electrons in the low-pressure plasma.

Journal: Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry Volume: 18 - Pages: 897-901 DOI: 10.1039/B303191H Products: µflow PFA-100 nebulizer Abstract: A typical electrothermal vaporization (ETV) using a tantalum was built for low-pressure ICP-AES.

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