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However, as you suggest, don’t be too quick to make changes – you will be viewed suspiciously and it will be much harder to fit it.

I tend to make lists of things that I introduce around the first month mark.

UA does not have the capability of charging for a bike box at the terminal.

I was charged 0 one way and when I wrote to customer service, ponting out that I was overcharged according to UA's own rules, they refused to refund me. We have Airnimal folding bikes that fit into cases that meet the check-in size and weight limits.

I will never travel overseas with my bicycle using UA again. I was watching the baggage men unload the bags from our plane. My bike was next, but the guy in the plane did not get the bike all the way on the conveyor. It is a tribute to the manufacturer of the case that my bike was not damaged in the fall from the conveyor. Aside from the dropped bike, there was a delay in our initial departure, since they brought the wrong plane from the hangar.

The external handle was ripped off, but that was bound to happen sooner or later. Then this caused another delay, since a storm had moved into Chicago. Two major airlines, United Airlines and US Airways, have recently announced a new baggage policy that will require consumers traveling in economy class to pay a fee for checking a second bag. If you purchased a non-refundable, domestic, economy class, airline ticket from United or US Airways, you may be required to pay a fee for your second bag unless you have significant status in the airlines mileage program such as Mileage Plus or Star Alliance.

Takes WAY too much time and energy to use dymo's software, messing with CSV.

Easily sell your products in-store and at markets, pop up shops, trade shows, and anywhere else with Shopify POS. My advise buy the CHS 7Ci on e Bay and save .00,at least you can return it with no questions asked and ''you get the stand with it''.

No matter where the sale takes place, your orders, inventory, and customers are automatically updated on your Shopify store. After using the shopify POS for my business it went well.. A seller could do everything from a laptop ie take payments, print receipts from full size printer. So we wait for another email:( This process took 5 days and they finally said the scanner is bad.

This all started on 3/3/17,it is now 3/12/17,we went to e Bay and bought a used one. Still waiting for credit on the bad scanner,and a SHIPPING LABEL!!!!!!!!!! This is a good app unless you do a quick sale and need a decimal point on the number pad.

I have a fabric shop, where customers buy in all sorts of increments and this POS does not work for this.

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