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However, travelers must be aware that the all-inclusive market in Brazil is subject to changes - while a resort may be adopting the system, another may be opting out.

Check for updates with your travel agent, the resorts themselves or a Brazilian travel company specialized in resorts such as Turnet Turismo - Resorts Online.

In any case, only individuals aged 18 or older can be legally charged, as this is the Brazilian age of criminal responsibility according to the Constitution of Brazil.

Sexual acts with children younger than 14 are strictly illegal, and equivalent to statutory rape, and are legally defined by Article 217-A of the Brazilian Penal Code as the "rape of a vulnerable person," with a penalty of 8 to 15 years in prison.

The training programme was revised and case studies and key messages localised.The law makes no distinctions between sexual orientation cases.As such, both heterosexual and homosexual activity between an adult older than 18 and a minor aged 14 or older or between two adolescents aged 12 and 17 are completely legal, if the older partner does not play an authority role over the minor.The 2012 Adult Swim Singles Program presents: an exclusive interview with Death Grips. They were very nice, and sat down with us for a nice long chat. Supergroup Death Grips sat down with Adult Swim to talk about exactly what genre they fit into, how visual art impacts the band, and where they draw their inspiration as musicians. Squidbillies went and took all of the amazing music made for the show by overqualified guest artists and in-house productions, made an album, and is giving it away for free.

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