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My doctor talked to a specialist and they hope that I can get out…a pardon or a parole…and I’m hoping that I’ll make it out of here. I just take care of myself the best that I can.” * * * “The [sentence] I’m serving now is for murder; it’s my second murder conviction. I just have to seek him and he will take me wherever I want to go. He slapped her and shoved her into the car door until she begged him to let her pull over so she could use a restroom. I have children, but the last I’ve heard from them was in 2005. And I know that God is very merciful and powerful, that there’s nothing that Jesus Christ cannot do. I was twice refused conditional release.” * * * “Well, I got 50 years. She told him she hadn’t, and tried to comfort Sanders for feeling ignored. They got in the car and she started driving away from the apartment complex. He hopes his images spark discussion about the human dimension of growing old in prison, as well as to help the next generation learn the consequences of crime.n the night of December 17, 1991, Kim Dadou’s boyfriend, Darnell Sanders, drove up to her mother’s house. She sent for her sister and she came to Las Vegas to be with her. The series explores the socio-economic causes of crime and delinquency. I know I shouldn’t have killed him but the rage took over. I didn’t even think about it [the racial motive], because all I was thinking about is, I get the chance, I’m gonna escape, and I did. And I could go like the wind, and they never could catch me. She was in love with Sanders, but wasn’t ready for marriage, she explains. It would have given me a permanent job plus a place to stay. But this guy took it away from me and that gave me a blow. Their relationship wasn’t violent in the beginning. She and Sanders knew each other in high school, but didn’t date until they were 21. He wanted her to have his grandmother’s wedding ring. It’s horrifying to see how women are treated in prison. There certainly are some very decent guards who go out of their way. The car reeked from the fumes of weed laced with cocaine. Dadou has maintained since then that Sanders often raped her if she didn’t comply with his demands for sex. He hit her in the face and thigh before grabbing her throat.

You can say that I ruined my life.” * * * “I’m an alcoholic, my husband is an alcoholic and we fight all the time. We were struggling with the civil rights thing, and Dr. After yelling at her for being ungrateful, he smacked her in the face.

“Sending survivors of domestic violence who act to protect themselves to prison for long sentences is incompatible with modern notions of fairness and humanity,” Hassell-Thompson wrote in a 2013 press release.

The Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act (DJSJA) — sponsored by New York State Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson and Assemblyman Jeffrion Aubry — has been inching its way into state law since 2011.

“Prisoners of Age” offers a microcosmic glimpse of what lies ahead. * * * “I was in prison eight years ago and stayed out for eight years. I had gotten mad after he refused to give me a job as a janitor and I killed him with a hammer. He told me days after that how he appreciated that chain.. She walked into the emergency room with her face swelling and the taste of blood in her mouth.

Existing prison space is in serious decline; bunk space and medical costs are soaring. I worked and when I got ready to go to work, he’d check the mileage on the car. Never had anything but a lovable family that I wanted to continue to live. That’s all his possessions is what he wears around his neck. On-duty police officers were standing in the emergency room triage area.

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