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Surname spelling in documents will be retained whenever possible, and Wilcoxson and Wilcockson will be used in a generic fashion. Beware of middle names and initials with 2nd generation Wilcoxsons. This Chapter includes: Part One - Immigrant: George Wilcoxson (1692-1739) Elizabeth Powell Part Two - Children and Grandchildren of George Wilcoxson and Elizabeth Powell (I) John Wilcoxson (born 1720) - see his separate chapter (II) Isaac Wilcoxson (~1724 - 1765) 1. David Lewis and Henry Lawrence are appointed to inspect into his clearness and conversation and bring an account thereof to the next meeting.

15 April 1719 - Radnor Monthly Meeting, Chester County, Pennsylvania (with some spelling corrections and punctuation added, but names as spelled): Whereas George Wilcockson, son of John Wilcockson of Cossal in Nottinghamshire in Great Britain, Batchelor, and Elizabeth Powell daughter of Rowland Powell of the Township of Haverford in the County of Chester in the Province of Pennsylvania, Spinster, having declared their intentions of Marriage before several Monthly Meetings of the People called QUAKERS, according to the good Order used among them whose proceedings therein after a deliberate consideration thereof and having consent of Parents and Relations concerned, nothing appearing to obstruct were left to their freedom to proceed by the said Meetings.

For instance, there must be an estate sale with purchasers and-or final estate totals. The next document is a petition to Orphans County by John Yarnall, with the original nearly impossible to read and its translation, subject to other interpretations.

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1726 Uwchlan Township: George Willcocks, 0 pounds, 1 shilling, 6 pence 1729 Uwchlan Township: name not listed 1730 Uwchland Township: George Willockson, 0-1-6 1732 Uwchland Township: George Willcockson 0-1-0 1737 Uwchland Township: George Wilcockson 1740 - Wilcockson name not listed Estate Administration for Father-in-law Rowland Powell 1726 September 22 Burlington County: Samuel Wollson, James Pugh and George Willcockson consent to letters of administration on the estate (of Rowland Powell) being issued to thee or theay or L (burnt out) Bee whoe itt will.

* Reliability and source of dates is unknown 2 Edition, Morphew/Murphy Story J. Murphy, last previous revision 8 April 2012; this update is 29 April 2012.

Introduction There are several immigrant lines of Wilcocksons in this country; but George Wilcockson and Elizabeth Powell family line originated in eastern Pennsylvania.

Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Volume 1, 1670-1730, editied by William Nelson, 1901, on Heritage Books Archives CD #1171, page 374.

Deed Sale by George Wilcockson 1730 (30 December) Chester County: On 30 December 1730 George Wilcockson of Uwchlan, weaver, to Phillip Yarnall of Edgmont, yeoman.

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