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Visitors will learn about the extraordinary abilities of these omnivorous animals and how they're particularly well adapted to live life in the great north.

You'll also hear about their social structure, eating habits, hibernation and the challenges they face in the wild.

Come check out our newest keeper chat and meet Iris and Lily, our albino Burmese pythons!

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Discover more about these fascinating birds and how to help protect them in their native lands!

This chat includes a discussion of the smooth dogfish shark's unique characteristics and interesting behaviors, which you can observe through close encounters.

Also, during t learn how important they are to their ecosystems, and how you can help sea life by making more sustainable seafood choices.

The dog shark chat is held in the Oceans exhibit, which features the nation's largest shark touch tank in the Firestone Gallery. Guests with concerns about the security of strollers can consider Have you ever seen a parade of flamingos?

Our free Dolphin Presentations feature engaging demonstrations by our incredible Atlantic bottlenose dolphins! In one of our newest animal demonstrations, you can follow these birds as they march — escorted by their keepers of course — the paths of the Encounters exhibit.

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