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Someone to talk to and exchange info and get support would be helpful.wetter to chat with or meet to discuss what ever comes up. I really enjoy wetting my diapers and bed and wearing my diapers.Protection Used: Currently I've been switched over to leg bags to facilitate me waterproofing my bed. Comments: I changed my life to accommodate my relationship.When I found out my BF was a bedwetter too, I was excited.Comments: I enjoy people, good down to earth honest working people.

If I have one piece of advice, its dont let you day or nightwetting control your life, Its a lesson that I am still learning to. Protection Used: I have OAB and wear daily refastenable underwear or pullup-type protection. Also wear belted undergarments for "lighter days" or shorter trips from home. Comments: Friends with anyone with overactive bladder, bedwetting, etc. My name is Alexandria, but I usually answer to Ellie.I have a girl friend but she will not have any thing to do with my diapers because she is a nurse and deals with them at her job.I have not been changed by any one else since I was 12 years old I would like to try this out and return the favor.If their is someone out their who wnats to be my friend please email me or if you have Yahoo instant meassenger here is my address for that to. The cause of my bed wetting hasn't been said for sure.But the doctor thinks it's partly caused from a back injury and party caused by my post tramatic stress caused by abuse I got as a child as well as a few other possible causes.

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