Age dating of basalt

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Despite its name, the Venus of Berekhat Ram bears little if any resemblance to the European venus figurines of the later Gravettian culture of the Upper Paleolithic period, such as the Venus of Willendorf, the Venus of Brassempouy, the Venus of Lespugue, the relief sculpture known as the Venus of Laussel, and the Venus of Kostenky.

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Note the rift zones underlying the Deccan, and the absence of any triple junction.

I ascribe the rifting itself not to mantle plume heads but to large-scale plate dynamics, possibly aided by long-term thermal insulation beneath a supercontinent which may have surface effects similar to those predicted for “plume incubation” models.

Non-plume, plate tectonic models are capable of explaining the Deccan in all its greatness., 1990), hundreds of papers have invoked, or supported, a plume head origin for the Deccan Traps of India.

The Lakshadweep-Chagos Ridge, and the islands of Mauritius and Runion, are located along fracture zones, and the systematic southerly age progression along the Ridge (though questioned) may be a result of southward crack propagation through the oceanic lithosphere.

This idea avoids the problem of a 10° palaeolatitude discrepancy which the plume model can only solve with the , 1999a, 2005a).

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