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Yorick Wilks (Stanford) developed the semantic coherence view of language called Preference Semantics, embodied in the first semantics-driven machine translation program, and the basis of many Ph D dissertations since such as Bran Boguraev and David Carter at Cambridge.Marvin Minsky and Seymour Papert publish Perceptrons, demonstrating previously unrecognized limits of this feed-forward two-layered structure.

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The first demonstration of the Logic Theorist (LT) written by Allen Newell, J. This is often called the first AI program, though Samuel's checkers program also has a strong claim.

by discovering the true nature of the gods, man has been able to reproduce it." Mosaic law prohibits the use of automatons in religion.

Ramon Llull, Spanish theologian invents the Ars Magna, a tool for combining concepts mechanically, based on an Arabic astrological tool, the Zairja.

He also invented the binary numeral system and envisioned a universal calculus of reasoning (alphabet of human thought) by which arguments could be decided mechanically.

Leibniz worked on assigning a specific number to each and every object in the world, as a prelude to an algebraic solution to all possible problems.

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