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The characters deal with their identity's impact on their own lives and that on both their close friends and bitter enemies.

An American English dubbed version was released in North America in 1983 by 3B Productions as Voltus 5.

The boxed set was re-released in 1982 before being repackaged as part of Bandai's Godaikin line for the international market in 1983.

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Voltes V's enemies are the Boazanians; led by Prince Heinell (Prince Zardoz), Katharine (Zandra), Jangal (Draco), and Zuhl.However, the voice cast was different from the GMA version.In an attempt to promote the show to a younger audience, the network had Jett Pangan, Sandara Park, Dennis Trillo and other Filipino celebrities re-dub the characters' voices.Aside from the Volt Machines combining to form Voltes V, the toy also transformed into Voltank mode (an alternate vehicle mode wherein the robot lied down face-first with the Volt Panzer and Volt Lander's wheels on the ground).Voltank mode never appeared in the series, but was a unique feature of the toy.

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