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those who were heavy Internet users saved hundreds of dollars each month. Department of Labor investigated the report, but came to no conclusions, officially closing the investigation in 2001.This fact actually hurt AOL when the lawsuit began, however, as the reception of benefits (along with whether the work is full-time and displaces regular employees) is a factor that helps the Department of Labor determine if a volunteer should actually be paid. In response to the investigation, AOL began drastically reducing volunteer responsibilities.However, toward the end of the program, Community Leader duties were generally restricted to monitoring chat and message boards.In exchange for their services, AOL provided free service to their volunteers.The AOL Community Leader Program or AOL CLP was the official name for the large group of America Online online service volunteers who moderated chat rooms, message boards, and download libraries.The program's roots dated back to the use of online remote volunteer "guides" by AOL predecessor Quantum Link at its start in 1985.

It also provided oversight with respect to forum content by knowledgeable individuals.The system which became AOL established the Community Leader Program officially in the early 1990s, and discontinued it in 2005.At the peak of the program, it is estimated that AOL had approximately 14,000 volunteers, Community Leaders had a wide variety of responsibilities, ranging from hosting chat rooms, monitoring message boards and file libraries, providing customer service, teaching online classes, and particularly creating and managing forum content.In February 2008, the court in which the lawsuit was filed denied AOL's Motion to Dismiss and certified the case for class-action status.The court has ordered AOL to provide the names and contact information for all former Community Leaders to notify them and give them the opportunity to join the class-action lawsuit.

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