Apple computer options backdating

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The guide below should work for both beta and full release versions of mac OS or Mac OS X.However, don’t count on the fact that you will easily be able to remove a beta.Apparently to verify eligibility your Mac serial number is sent to Apple and your Apple ID may be required, it’s not clear why this wasn’t working for us.This was made all, the more frustrating by the fact that it had already taken an hour for the Mac to start up in this mode, with a globe rotating and a time indicator which kept flicking between and .

The good news is that if you are trying to revert from High Sierra to the version of Mac OS X that shipped on your Mac it should actually be an easy process, thanks to a new feature in mac OS Recovery that has existed since mac OS Sierra 10.12.4.Perhaps features you relied on work differently or have disappeared in a newer version of mac OS.Maybe software you use regularly no longer works - if you were using Adobe Illustrator, for example, you may find it no longer works (read about other apps that don't work in High Sierra here).Apple's strategy of making mac OS updates available for free from the Mac App Store and providing access to public betas of upcoming new versions has been very successful in encouraging us to keep our Macs updated.However, sometimes enthusiasm for the newest features can get the better of us and we upgrade in haste only to repent later.

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