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Shortly after it was signed Amnesty International accused the President of a “glaring omission” of human rights on the leaders’ agenda, and called for the US to stop selling arms to the Saudis to prevent the nation’s violation of international law via air strikes in Yemen and killing civilians.) is a flowering plant native to the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

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In the Senate meanwhile, Senator’s Chris Murphy, Al Franken and Rand Paul introduced a joint resolution of disapproval for the deal.But In a letter to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Congressmen Ted Lieu, a Democrat and Republican Ted Yoho urged their colleagues to reconsider the sale of precision guided munitions (PGMs) to the oil rich Middle Eastern Kingdom.They pointed out that former president Barack Obama’s administration had halted a planned sale of of PGM’s to Saudi Arabia in December, “due to concerns over the widespread civilian casualties in Yemen” and “significant deficiencies” in the Royal Saudi Arabian Air Force’s (RSAF) targeting capabilities”.Many of them pointed out that Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump did not wear abayas when they visited the country in May, to little public outcry.#مطلوب_محاكمة_مودل_خلود المجتمع السعودي ينضح بالتناقضات فهو يتغنى ب إبنة ترامب ساعات طوال ، ويكفر ويقذف فتاة سعودية ويطالب بمحاكمتها Vk — Outside the flock (@6etc6) July 16, 2017The exact fate of the woman remains unclear.

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