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Good post, Rock - I'd be interested to see more useful input on this topic.Of the countries you list, I only have experience of Vietnam (see my trip report).I wonder if there are other hidden gem countries where looks and age matter much less to the young and attractive girls.It would be great for the forum if we could expand the base of 'older men's countries' by going more in depth on other prospects.

Most Pinays have kids by the age of 25, but you will find childless women in Vietnam up to 30 and above, and they age a lot better than Pinays.Even tho their motivation is going to be money and security, some types of girls are just much better at giving generously and more loving than others.Some seem able to see through the physical form of a man to what's underneath, even if the man himself has a superficial outlook. Once a friend of mine who lived in Chengdu for a few months gave me the number of a girl he thought I would be attracted to, and showed me her photo which I liked. At the time, I was not in China but was planning to go in a few weeks.When they finally met the first time after a few weeks, she had already fallen for him.She told me that she didn't want appearance to even factor into how she developed feelings for a guy.

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