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If she is attracted to them or not, they just don’t know So, when in doubt? Your warm smile indicates that you are fun to be around, that you are confident and that you’re open to talk and in the mood to make something good happen. So, also ask yourself: “what does my own body language tell her?

” You should be relaxed but that does not mean you should look like you just woke up.

11) She finds a way to touch you when you’re talking to her 12) When going on a (first) date, she “suddenly” gets a call from someone while you were in the bathroom taking a piss. if she asks a friend to call her and you’re not sure if she likes you? This is another one of those easy to see signs she likes you! That little sprakle during the moment you two are both quiet? she and her friend(s) are discussing how hot you are and how far she’ll go with you tonight. 19) When trying to make eye contact with her after she looked away, she tries to keep looking away.

It means she wants to look, but either there is someone else with her who doesn’t want her to look (example: her mother).

it can also mean she was already impressed when she first saw you and she is trying hard not to be desperate. As you can see dude: There are a lot of subtle and not so subtle signs a woman is interested in you.

Women that do this will get really, really shy when you talk to them because they’re desperate but don’t want you to know… Example: her best friend Amanda says “Cindy asked me to say hi! It can also be something like “Cindy says hello” or “Cindy sends her regards” or “Cindy asked how you were doing.” Women usually ask their friends to say “hi” for them when they met you at a birthday or party and want to get to know you better, but don’t know how to contact you. Just remember that her body will always tell you more about if she likes you than her words can. Because studies have proven that 93% of human communication is done with the bosy and only 7% with the voice.

So, here’s my top 20 signs a woman is interested in you to make things real easy for you… This is even more true when they are at a party, birthday, or other social event they don’t enjoy or didn’t want to go to. she moves her body towards you when she’s talking to you or when she’s near you 8 ) She agrees with you while she didn’t agree before. This is one of the most important signs she likes you. It’s make up, her nails and hair are done, lipgloss/lipstick on, sexy dresses or clothing that’s more revealing than usual.

Example: she herself may say she hates gangster movies, but when you later tell her you love gangster movies? 9) Every time you look at her she is smiling at ya 10) When going on a (first) date, she dresses up for it in a way you normally don’t see her do or women in general do. if she also looked that way when you met her the first time?

Gain access to more tips by signing up for my Inner Game Newsletter right away…But no, it isn’t difficult to understand body language either! After all, why go through more trouble if you know she already wants you?That’s like shooting an irritating bug with a tank! I know I’m a big influence in her life if she starts saying “lame! 3) She is licking her lips when she looks at you 4) If you talk to her for the first time and she talks to you longer than she has to.” I hope you’ve learned more about the signs a woman is interested in you… To More Dating Success, Carlos Xuma Win With Women P. Want more free tips about what I\'ve talked about today?and that you will now immediately know the signs she likes you only seconds after you meet her… About raising your confidence through the roof, meeting girls anywhere & anytime, creating raw sexual attraction, and more?

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