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More dramas to come and i will definitely look forward to it. Hwa Shin and Pyo Na Ri does have good chemistry but their personality clashes too much. Over all, I love this drama, real characters, real scenarios, top-notch acting from both leads, although it's a little dragging at some points and I feel like it could be a good 20 episodes drama. This drama gave me weird emotions and I have uttered "What the Heck?! It's a good drama to binge watch but it brought out lots of emotions, especially frustrations. What I only hate in this drama is the kissing scene of Na Ri and Hwa Shin in the hospital after Na Ri found out that Hwa Shin likes him. and how she clinging with Hwa Sin is sickening especially when she was in relationship with Jung Won. I really hate her everytime she doing something stupid. Though you are so much younger than the two lead role, but your acting didn't seem like it. You portrait Jung Won excellently, good looking, gentle, sweet & kind hearted! She grew a lot in her job but her personal life kinda really sucks. I love how they cared, sacrificed for each other and always put each other first, especially from episode 18 onward. It's not like Nari and Hwashin had planned to date behind Jungwon back. Being a long time fan of "The Master's Sun", I'm always checking for Kong Hyo-Jin ( Pyo Nari) in new projects. I have no idea who she ended up with in the end because I couldn't stomach 7 more episodes of the s***. The woman character should have atleast a sense of self respect,rather going back to an asshole she should have chosen someone who cherish her. I just wanted to praise the acting skills oh Unni Kong Hyo Jin.... He's acting is really damn good and he portray the character very well.

The rating in NO way reflects the quality of the drama, it just reflects the resentment of some miffed second lead shippers! "I dream of a world where minorities can be happy." Not but not least, beautiful cast. I am Hwa Shin and Pyo Na Ri fan, i have negative comments to Jung Won, but if PNR would end up with Jumg Won, never in my mind that I would wish for this Drama's rating to become lower, too bad for people who does not know etiquettes, Anyways, good, I have heard that PNR end up with Hwa Shin. But after watch 1st episode, my heart just went to Go Kyong Po (Jung Won). I think its the reason why somepoeple complaint and found strange.

From haft of the drama toward the end Hwashin had grown very much and really proved his love for Nari. Pyo Nari has 0 backbone, and them all moving in together like a polyamorous wrong-turn was ridiculous. The idea of a women who clings for a guys attention even after being dumped and take him back after all the shit is very degrading. Can watched it overnight..thats what makes me happy ? But as I watch this drama I like Jo Jung Suk more in here.

The second lead syndrome is too damn high in this drama. Jung Won deserved a lot better than what he got from Pyo Na Ri. This drama is quite "weird" in dramaland when in the beginning the male lead was portrayed to be unlikable and the second male lead is written as swoonwothy as possible lol. I happened to sympathize with this character a lot thank to Jo Jung Suk. The woman character (Kong hyo Jin) is stupid to choose Le Wha Shin over Jung Won. I love all of her dramas that I watched because the story has sense and deep meaning.

but still, if u looking for some light rom-com that will makes u laugh, i would recommend this one. It made me angry to see her take it from him without demanding to be treated with respect. For me Jealousy Incarnate is a drama to remember, to see again; are dozens of scenes wonderful realized. chu hung suk is really really really a good one of the reason that i stick to this drama till end..deseves grand prize,,really love his acting..should do a rom-com drama with jun ji hyun.will be worth watching Gong hyo-in and jo Jung suk are perfect together in this drama. It maybe just about daily life drama but it really touches my emotions and it is really hard to move on from it. unique refreshing drama, one of the best from 2016, glad i keep watching till the end after second thought to drop it at the middle ep kudos to director, writer, and all actors and actresses, this is one nearly perfect drama for me. there will be no many shippers if he wasnt able to act greatly!!!

I was expecting more than this from GHY, she almost always played as a strong woman or at least made a right decision at the end, its ok its love was a phenomenal, master sun was so good, producer is nice, and pasta ... at least they wrapped with a good acting but still nahh..their acting were excellent but this is not one of GHY's drama This series would have been perfect if Hwa-Shin wasn't so mean to Na-Ri from the beginning to the end or that she made a better final choice. Even at the end, she made some feeble attempts to argue w/ him, but mostly gave in to him and allowed him to treat her like she was inferior to him. I guess this drama has subtle meanings that really moves me. Even the side characters and stories are enjoyable. Gong hyo Jin really picks amazing and meaningful dramas. GHJ is her usual best and you really had great choice in drama but JJS really is gold of the show. Wow how he could act to be a totally dashing gentleman debonaire who can be loyally in love and be able to treasure his bestfriend... you are the luckiest for being able to have great chemistry to all actors you worked with!!! very very sad it's the end can't believe no ever best drama which leave big empty place since i ve watched since 2006 it 's THE DRAMA CHO JUNG SOEK THE BEST HOPE TO SEE HIM SOON IN THE NEXT I ALREADY MISS HIM I ADREE WITH SARANGEAH JI This drama is like I want to move on (Hwa Shin pushing away Na Ri) but it stuck to my heart like the octopus (Na Ri will always be by Hwa Shin's side). I really enjoy this drama because everything is fun.

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