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The crowd is really mixed, mostly freelance prostitutes and tons of random western guys aged between 20 and 60. The second most famous nightclub in Phnom Penh among tourists after Pontoon (which is across the street), it is also mostly crowded with freelance prostitutes, gays and ladyboys. You still have beautiful people inside though, including some expats. Kind of hippy crowd who likes to discover new cultures, read books and listen to alternative music. Ladies night on Wednesday (1 free shot when you arrive buy 2 get 1 free). Meta House is not a club per se (it is the German Cultural Center) but they organize DJ parties every Thursday with German electronic. Usually crowded with mostly Asians, including Japanese, Koreans, Singaporeans and some rich Cambodians as well. Older Cambodian men are big party-goers but they do things differently. These are a few of the most famous ones: MIP (Midnight in Phnom Penh), True Face Club, Beliza Club, Tonite Lounge, GL, Holiday Club and the brand new 55 Club and RCA. This small street in the expat area of Phnom Penh has several hipster-like micro-bars and eateries. The current line-up consists of Cicada, Seibur, Hangar 44, The Library Daiquiri Bar, Meat and Drink and Harrys.

You have a tiny chance of getting a normal Khmer girl there if you play your cards right (it happened to my friend). Most of the times it involves sitting with a group, ordering bottles, singing, flirting with lady companions, and claiming the expenses as a part of "entertainment". Casa Club, KTV and Hotel Casa is another upscale local club and karaoke. The Phnom Penh branch of Oskar Bangkok on Sukhumvit 11, it is the new favorite hangout place for trendy expats and locals. The owners of these bars are also behind the popular Sito (on Street 240). One of the most famous freelancer bars in Phnom Penh, it is quite a dump when you compare to the other options available.

It seems people are used to talking to each other and mingle.

I only spent a week there so this review will only scratch the surface of the things to do at night.

The rules are relaxed: Several clubs close late in the morning and a few bars stay open 24/7. You can get around without a helmet on a rented motorbike. Alcohol prices are low: 4$ will get you a cocktail and 2$ a draught beer in most venues (and half that price during Happy Hours).

The level of English is good so you can communicate easily with most people unlike in Vietnam.

You can also stay in Street 51 to be closer from Pontoon (the major nightclub in Phnom Penh).

Most "normal" bars are there, particularly in Street 278. If you plan on bringing back a girl to your room, always avoid family-run guesthouses, backpacker hostels and upscale boutique hotel/charming villas that target 50 years old rich European couples.In general, the crowd is older than the one in Epic. The party may also end in a nearby hotel with one of the girls. Mostly for finding high-class freelance prostitutes, particularly Vietnamese. I'm not sure if the customers here are low budget expats or backpackers. Old prostitutes who may or may not be meth addicts.This is a luxury local club, with a heavy "Chinese" influence, meaning over-the-top luxury setting, glitters, loud house music, no dance-floor (replaced with tables and sofas), a karaoke and sexy companions everywhere. The main lounge has a lot of pretty girls, a live band then house music. Next to the S21 museum, this punk dive bar is cheap, serves good food and it has live "alternative" music. The only reason to go there is if you stay in the Walkabout Guest House or if you are desperate for a shag at 8am.This is the second best area in Phnom Penh for nightlife as you can walk to several bars, clubs and restaurants that stay open late (Street 51) The area is not the most pretty though and you will be about 500-1000m from the Royal Palace, the riverside and the Gogo Bars streets (136 and 104).Pontoon Club is the main room and where most people go to. 50% discount for girls on their lady's night on Thursday.

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