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The people from Comcast have told me personally that my/our issue is with the DVR manuacturer for not providing any form of conversion and the FCC handling the digital conversion debacle.I have emailed Panasonic and they tell me to call their support center knowing full well that all I will get is some ignorant person that will only frustrate me and that I will give up. I would encourage someone out there to file some sort of class action lawsuit to recover the value of our now worthless DVRs There is no point in reporting Panasonic to the FCC.If you are still getting nothing, complain to your LOCAL Cable Company.It is up to them to ensure that the signal is converted to analog & sent out over cable.

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Panasonic has known that this would happen when the digital conversion comes but has chosen not to do anything about it except be evasive.

Section 7 is Broadcast Station Infrastructure Guidelines Covers closed captioning, content advisory and ANSI/SCTE 127 data"7.4 ANSI/SCTE 127 Data And a fabulous white paper on the issue for the Broadcast Analog Television Turn-Of: How to Keep Cable Subscribers’ TVs from Going Dark It covers the closed captioning and content advisory as well as: on p17 4.3 Other Ancillary Data AMOL data (which are used to create the well-known Nielsen TV ratingsof program viewers) and TV Guide data (which are used by many analog TVhouseholds that do not subscribe to pay TV services) are carried inwaveforms on various lines of the VBI.

ANSI/SCTE 127 [17] defines amethod to carry AMOL-48, AMOL-96 and TVG2X data in the DTV signal. The timing of the VBI data-stream issynchronized with the corresponding video and audio data-streams, asapplicable, through the use of common presentation timestamps.

It would be better to report Gemstar for not providing any advancewarning that they were turning off the analog feed, and not having thecorrect information in the digital feed for the DTVPal to translate forlegacy TVGOS analog devices.

Panasonic licensed TVGOS from Gemstar andit's up to Gemstar to get everything up and running.

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