Bill dating married rancic

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"I think what makes it very unique is that there are three renowned matchmakers who went through the submissions for these guys," says Giuliana, who recently landed on 2013 Reality Heat List.

"They got to know these guys very well and what needs are and only brought to the playing field the women that they felt really were great matches for these guys, whereas in some of the other dating shows, these women show up and they're only seeing the guy for the first time, and probably half the woman are like, ' No, he's not for me.' We're starting from a very different place." STORY: The Hollywood Reporter Unveils 2013 Reality Heat List Bill adds that he was impressed by the three men, whom he calls "amazing." "They are the kinds of guys I'd fix my sister up with if my sister were single," he says.

Married for four years, Giuliana and Bill Rancic are getting much more comfortable sharing secrets of their early days as a couple.

PHOTOS: Hollywood's power couples In a new clip from Sunday's episode of their Style reality series, , the Rancics open up to pals about their first dates while on vacation in London.

Over dinner, Bill couldn't help but share fond memories of courting Giuliana, and began to go into detail about their second date before his wife butt in.

From the 36 women, they will each select a team of 12 (four per bachelor).

An American entrepreneur, Bill Rancic is currently married to Giuliana De Pandi since 2007.

He was born to father Edward Rancic and mother Gail Rancic. Michael's School and graduated from Carl Sandburg High School.

He was the first candidate hired by The Trump Organization at the conclusion of the first season of Donald Trump's reality television show "The Apprentice".

Rancic is also a motivational speaker and a Chicago real estate developer.

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