Bishop noel jones dating lisa

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Pastor Jones has interests in television and furthering his career, beyond traditional pastoring. Also, Sunday, Lisa Raye was in attendance, sitting in the ‘special section’ :) of the ‘sanctuary’. In the video below Bishop Noel Jones gives a very transparent and candid account of marriage and divorce. Because of his own divorced he goes on to say that even he had to repent.Check out this profound teaching and tell us what you think. Anywho, this is all speculation, HOWEVER, my sources are reliable, but if you don’t believe me, I won’t hold it against you. For years there have been rumors that Lisa Raye was dating Bishop Noel Jones of the City of Refuge Church in LA [click here if you missed that].It’s official, Lisa Raye Mc Coy and Bishop Noel Jones are an item.With the bishop being cast on Oxygen’s new reality series ‘Pastors of L.

If she’s at the point where marriage is that critical to her and she knows my position, then it would seem to me that she would go find somebody to marry,” he says.On the pilot, there was one scene where Bishop Jones was criticizing some of Mc Coy’s wardrobe selections for church.“He basically told her that he wasn’t sure she was ‘Godly enough’ for his world, and she in turn told him he may not be ‘worldly enough’ for hers,” recalled the screening guest.Castmember Pastor Jay Haizlip defends Bishop Jones’ reasoning for not wanting to walk down the aisle.“In my reading the Bible, I’ve never seen anything that would tell a guy, even if he’s in ministry, that he can’t have a girlfriend,” he says.

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