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If historical in nature or about well-known people, the story will appear in "The Who's Who of Harlans".

Articles of human interest involving Harlans will be found in "Stories of Harlans".

That was when I was a student at the University of Papua New Guinea.

I had described the scene as if I recorded with a video camera.

It’s hard to overcome the sentimental demagoguery this quandary fetches up.

I wrote a comical essay once, after a near miss with a town bus whose driver seemed to be pleased for making me run for my life.Timothy Harlan of Missouri Heather Harlan Randall (Mrs. Aurelius Harland, Physician in China Titanic & Scarborough Connection The Father of the Titanic Susan C.Tony Randall) Alpheus Harlan, Compiler of 1914 Genealogy Book Ida Saxton Mc Kinley, Wife of U. Harlan, Amador Superior Court Judge Harlan Ghosts of Gettysburg Two Harlan Justices of Supreme Court Senator James Harlan John Marshall Harlan Article John Marshall Harlan Mary Eunice Harlan Lincoln Richard D.I described vividly my fear and feelings and the look of glee on the driver’s face as the bus sped by me. All across America the descendants of George and Michael (and Thomas) Harlan migrated, settled and became solid citizens wherever they located.

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