Cam communities

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Sure, one can tailgate onto a property behind someone else but this requires effort and exposes the criminal to a potential witness.

Criminals want to come onto an apartment property anonymously and blend into the community of strangers.

Criminals like quick escape routes and don’t want to become trapped behind fences or gates should they be discovered.

Many criminals will bypass a gated community for one that is not gated simply because of the restricted access.

In the 1970s there were approximately 2000 gated communities nationwide.

In the early 2000s, there were over 50,000 gated properties with more being built every year.

If you manage a property that caters to college students it can be a nightmare to maintain an effective gate system.

Gates and fences provide the perception of security, safety, and privacy.

More tools are usually required to do the complete job.

Support by the residents and management is required to maintain an effective gate system.

Gated communities offer some benefits and some drawbacks depending whether you are a resident or in property management.

I will discuss both sides of the issue in this article.

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