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Both training sessions were officially two hours; paid in cash at her full, standard rate. Chris greeted her in his running shorts and a Coldplay T-shirt.His face was fresh-shaven but he still bore the 1 tall with caramel hair and a square-jaw. Chris now wore a shiny new Steelwerx Extreme chastity tube 24/7.A bit like the actor Christopher Reeve, in Clark Kent mode rather than Superman. He worked in an accountancy office in a well cut suit.He proved the truth that not all male submissives are poorly endowed wimps. His pleated trousers hid the steel cock-cage from view.

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She was in running shorts as well, with slits up the side. His waist was narrow and his torso flared out in a sexy v to a broad chest. But the fluid oozing out of her was clear and rancid, not thick and white like fresh semen, so he guessed it was at least from earlier that morning, or maybe even the night before. The firm was full of sexy twenty and thirty something executives and secretaries.Sam encouraged her clients to use sex as physical exercise, as a motivation. Laura had shyly admitted to Sam shed almost never had an orgasm from sex with Chris. Each of them silently thought it was their destiny to live with their own private, unshared fantasies.It soon became obvious that Chris and Lauras erection, jutting up towards his stomach muscles. 6, but her athletic, upright bearing made her appear taller.Boys fancied her aura, energy and sexual enthusiasm as much as her looks.She Three days later, Sam arrived early and let herself in. She made two home visits a week; Thursdays and Sundays. They had all agreed to kick things up another notch.

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