Cat rescue dating

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Twenty some years ago during one such conversation I was particularly down-in-the-dumps. A few days later I received a card from her in the mail.

It said simply “never, never, never give up.” Of course, I knew it was a Winston Churchhill quote used in an entirely different context, but as I stared at the words on that card I was profoundly moved.

and at Mud Bay Timberland (11830 NW Cedar Falls Dr.) on Sunday, December 10 from 11-2.

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, mark your calendar now!

The list of animal organizations and activities Phyllis was involved in is too long for most of us to recount, but several of us contributed what we could recall.

Among them were: Long before there was Craigslist, Phyllis spent countless hours perusing classified ads trying to connect found pet ads with lost pet ads.

They will stay with us until they pass away from whatever age-related health complications they may have. page to meet these great kiddos and find out how to make a donation to help them.

You can help us to support them and make staggering differences in their lives.

______________________________________________________________________________________ Santa really is coming to town, and the proceeds from his photo sessions all go to fund Indigo’s mission.

Imann barely survived surgery and then developed a unique variety of a mega esophagus.

After nearly one year, we finally discovered that feeding her without vomiting requires her eating her meals liquified (we call it a “meat shake”), divided into one cup increments, and fed to her 15-20 minutes apart.

Take a look at Patchouli before and after the care she received to recover from malnutrition and mange (not to mention having a litter of puppies).

To provide continued funding for our rescue work, Indigo Rescue created a beautiful homestyle dog boarding ranch in the country in Vernonia, Oregon, called Oregon Canine University at Indigo Ranch (aka ).

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