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These people became the self-styled Jews of Eastern Europe.The German Jew, Deitrich Bronder, in his book, "Before Hitler Came— An Historical Study" (1975), reveals to what extent the Jews' dream of subduing the world, influenced the life of Germans during the last 1,000 years, but which Lucy Dawidowicz brands as the "War Against Jews—1933/45" (New York, 1976).The Holy Roman Empire sought to recreate a united Christian Europe in similitude to the last years of the Roman Empire.It was called "Holy" due to the supremacy of the Popes in ecclesiastical affairs, and the German Emperors as the secular arm and defender of the Catholic church. 398) actually states "The empire of Charlemagne and his successors, and the German Empire (962-1806) were both regarded as a revival of the Roman Empire." There can be no doubt that the Beast system is a continuum of the Roman Empire with its political/military base in Germany; and its religious system in the Babylonian Mystery Religion of Roman Catholicism.To take the place of the defunct Holy Roman Empire in the West, the Germanic Confederation was formed as an act of the Congress of Vienna June 8, 1815.Abolished by Prussia in 1866, its territories were absorbed into the German Second Reich in 1871 until the Third Reich fell in 1945.Finally he was taken prisoner, maimed and consequently disqualified for the priesthood, then carried off to Babylonia.

Frederick William IV of Germany dreamt of a revived Holy Roman Empire to replace the German Confederation, "in which Prussia would play a glorious role, but secondary to that of the Hapsburgs" (Langer 1986, p. And Hitler was sometimes portrayed as a Roman Emperor, with the Nuremburg rallies taking the characteristics of a pagan Roman festival.

On his death in 4BC, Herod the Great's kingdom was administered by three of his sons, one of whom, Herod Antipas, was "that old fox" who wanted to see Jesus' tricks (Luke ; 23:7-12).

Sennacherib had carried away ten tribes of the Northern Kingdom of Israel in 721BC.

So much of what is taught as history today is either a selective gloss or an outright lie.

Some examples of buried history expose the deadly nature of Cain in Esau/Edom, murdering Jacob/Israel for a birth-right that can never be his. They are the Canaanites who established Carthage which when defeated in 146BC, made Rome unchallenged ruler of the Mediterranean.

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