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I'm not so demented after all You're my kind of girl Sarah.

The biggest turn on I have is when my girlfriend dresses up as an amazon warrior who having defeated me in battle demands I pleasure her as instructed until she is completely fulfilled, her sword pressed to my nuts guaranteeing my willing and total obedience Steve As allways Sarah you are cogent and to the point.

She would have unconditional obedience from this man.

Sarah Anybody who wants to be castrated is seriously f*cked up!

Finally, she reached down, freed him from the jock, and as he continued to struggle feebly expertly finished him off.

Her ability to physically control him after a struggle, then symbolically take his manhood by milking him mirrors the castration fetish.

Males would begin to line up at 12 midnite (totally naked of course) at their local gov"t building. Female girls would be excused from school so they could attend, and all females would have a paid holiday so they could enjoy the holiday.Lou Rolls I've got no desire to be castrated or to see anyone else castrated, but I saw a video a while back that parallels this castration fetish which I found pretty hot.The vid featured a wrestling match between a guy and a girl.Following the holiday all males would parade thru the streets naked showing off their loss of balls. With females taking charge and ruling the world, this could actually happen. The motto "OFF WITH YOUR BALLS" Donna National SNIP Day what a wonderful idea. Connie and Donna there should be a national holiday for women to celebrate castrating their men.Lets face it after a man has fulfilled his duties to father a family most women don"t need him. He would not think with his dick after we took his balls. Just picture 100's of naked men lined up with their silly things hanging.

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