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There are a ton of social, cultural, economic and safety issues to be considered.

In addition, those who have never been outside of North America should not underestimate the severe “culture shock” that can take place when moving to another nation.

The country is beautiful and fairly cheap to live in.

We have a gorgeous 5,000 sf apartment with great, modern security features. Our electric bill, and we run the aircon a lot; is bucks.

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With less than 50% of our youth even graduating from High School, how do we stand a chance.

Fortunately I speak fluent Portuguese so I am able to adapt.

Saigonbrian: I’ve lived in China, Vietnam, and am currently living in Malaysia for the last few years. Given the likely future problems in the US it’s certainly prudent to at least evaluate an alternative.

Our top two choices would be New Zealand (NZ) and Costa Rica (CR) with Malaysia coming in 3rd.

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