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Well its been a pretty hot these summer so far and I felt hot recently. It happened when my bf have to pick me up in the airport.

I decided to wear a short but not mini skirt out one night with him. I want surprised him with his request to wear a micro mini skirt with no panties on. I am tall with pretty good legs so the micro mini is a standard in my wardrobe.

she said OK, after their shift briefing she went to his office and asked... My husband has always dreamed of seeing me with a woman. For years he's mentioned it in passing, but it was never on the table. When I let him know how I felt, he pretty much dropped it... I don't know why but it does, maybe the fact that at any moment I can expose myself, and knowing that someone is watching or trying to sneak a peak. I also had a great experienced of wearing a mini skirt with no seems that it was my first time..

There is nothing that draws my lecherous eye then an extra short skirt. I felt so very uncomfortable.was happened during the time when my boyfriend will arrived at the airport.was the second time we've met with my boyfriend...

love nothing better than having a dip at the beach with my girls then taking off my bikini and spending the rest of the day in a tight lil skirt or dress without my bra and panties!

such a horny rush not knowing if anyone realises or can see.

The challenge is, of course, sitting :-) Or walking up the stairs ...

It adds to the excitement, I like to be able to touch myself when I drive!

I've gone without panties since I was in my early teens, especially in mini skirts.I actually trvelled with my jeans but upon reaching the airport, I changed my jeans and wear a short skirt. Can drive guys crazy just by hiking it up.....especially since I'm a redhead...see the red ***** and freak Started wearing these sometime.Minnie's are best because when you sit down they ride up maybe my waist. So I'm in the store buying food, and the girl in front of me in the checkout line is wearing a very light summer dress that is barely hanging on by little straps on top and very very short.The way a micro mini gives hint of the bottom of an *** can cause me to detour to follow. Hi, last night was my gorgeous wife first night working with her new Supervisor. In one of my other stories I posted I told about when my ex bf talked me into wearing a micro without panties. I was deathly afraid someone would think that I was a ****.When that extra short skirt reveals no panties in the sweet cleft, you know this girl is on the make. Skirts are almost an everyday thing for me and I hate wearing panties. I was very surprised to come home from work last night and see how excited she was as she was getting ready to go to work. However I had a great experience that night and even flashed...

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