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Everyone needs to know about safer sex, whether they're straight, gay, lesbian or bisexual.Women can pass STIs on to women and men can pass STIs on to men.This is a good basis for open and honest communication about sex and relationships, growing up and going through puberty.Talking to children about sex won't make them go out and do it. For example, if they ask a question, such as "Where do babies come from? Don't make it more complicated than it needs to be. " You could answer, "It comes out through a special passage in the woman's body called a vagina".These aspects are not included or assessed in most degree programmes (including psychology degrees) and have to be learned and developed in a very different learning context.If you have practised counselling skills as part of the degree you have studied, then you can start at level 4 but most degrees do not include the specific practical training in counselling skills, so you will need to start at level 3.

People come to counselling from many different backgrounds.Evidence shows that children whose parents talk about sex openly start having sex at a later stage and are more likely to use contraception. If they seem happy with your answer and don't ask a follow-up question, you've probably given them enough information. For example, if your three-year-old asks why she hasn't got a penis like her brother, you could tell her that boys have penises on the outside and girls have vaginas on the inside. You could answer by saying: "Babies grow in a woman's tummy, and when they're ready they come out into the world". If not, your child's follow-up question could be, "How does the baby get in there? They need to know that it's OK to talk about sex and relationships, and that you're happy to talk about it.If they ask another question, you can tell them more. They'll learn this through your tone and manner when you talk about sex, so try to treat sex as a normal, everyday subject.These qualifications are important as they are practical and counselling focused rather than academically or purely theoretically focused.Counselling is a relational activity which depends on personal qualities, self-awareness and soft skills such as the ability to build a trusting relationship, work with difference and diversity and to convey emphatic understanding.

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