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And when it comes to something as mundane as name badges, writing a thought-provoking, interesting and unique headline would make most people leap into oncoming traffic.

The supporting image copy illustrates just how these conference badges are different from the typical “Hello, My Name Is” stickers, and invites the user to easily create their own badge in minutes.

Then, you can start a chat with them and carry on another conversation through your webcam.

Why are you paying so much for it, in fact, doing it.

The band's fan club, the Despair Faction, is said to number more than 20,000, and Havoc still tries to meet fans after shows.

If you listen to a band like Dead Can Dance, I mean, we don't sound like that at all." It's possible the label has stuck because of Havok's penchant for perfectly executed eye make-up."It's an aesthetic that's always appealed to me," he says."For those people that were around for [debut album] ," he says, "either they left because we're no longer a punk band and they don't want to listen to anything but that, or they understand who we are."To still hope that we're somehow going go back to that would just make you kind of crazy." The man who once sung "my whole life is a dark room" laughs loudly and often, but is sick of seeing the word goth used to describe the band.

"Be it girls far too young to even consider something like that, mothers who have children who may or may not be married already, men, boys, everybody." It doesn't hurt your popularity if your latest album debuted at No.

Their previous album, their 2003 major-label debut, , went platinum in the US (1 million copies sold).

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