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The European Club Football Landscape report shows the amount of money the Old Trafford club owes has now grown to €536m (£464m).

While debt levels across the continent have decreased each year for the past five years - something Uefa puts down to its financial fair play regulations - United's has grown by 25 per cent in the past year alone.

Next to the low bushes of thyme, rosemary, sage and mint, sprout the ancient and uniquely beautiful olive trees, becoming the field’s emblem.

The course’s backdrop is the sea, visible from all angles, while the scenery’s main player is the wind, blowing almost constantly all year long.

Even though the work of moving the earth and creating the necessary undulations was substantial and appropriate, its impact did not deform the landscape; rather, it established a way of harmoniously bringing nature and man together.

Among the various turf options, Bermuda grass was used for the fairway, the even festuca was the choice for the roughs, and the classic pencross was selected for the greens, which stands out for its adaptability and resistance.

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He also reminded us to bring a well charged cell phone to our assigned station.

Kevin Holloway then introduced and thanked recipients of recent club allocation funding.

Pictured are (left to right): President Darren Fisk, Shannon Whidden, Executive Director, TB Symphony Orchestra (for kid's music education programming); Ed Long, Prostate Cancer Support Group (for essential promotion); Ellen Orchard and Kim Mc Niven, LU Interprovincial Student Society (for its programming), and Kevin Holloway, Rotary Allocations Chair.

As the Uefa report highlights, the level of debt should be viewed alongside revenue and long-term assets - an area of notable strength for United.

While the value of the Manchester club's debt is roughly equal to its annual revenue and only 80 per cent of assets, of more concern are clubs like QPR (480 per cent of assets and 250 per cent of revenue) and Fenerbahce (610 per cent of assets).

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