Colorado account dating merchant online

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Instead of payment in GBP (as it was declared in the Internet-shop) I was charged in RMB (563,23 CNY), and there was no email order confirmation, neither I was informed about the status of my order.

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I've had recurring charges showing up for about 4 months now to ULTIMATEGEAR 18665994303 AND haven't been able to get an explanation for what this is. I called it and apparently a product that I ordered several months from GROUPON had an automatic monthly subscription that I was not aware of.....a Teeth Whitening Kit.Add on facebook advertised NFL Jerseys only to take your money under the scam of the banner and issues a bogus order number which you find out after you try to track your order with NFL store.I bought a Michael korls handbag on 25th December, they emailed me that when they ship they'll let me know, haven't had from them, am in doubt waiting for one more day and call my bank to get back my money if no results from them I have been charged 115.81 Electric Parts and Equipment effective on and Processed on . I am trying to dispute it with my credit card company.Luckily I was able to cancel but no luck getting previous payments reimbursed.I received an sms in October 2017 on my mobile informing me that an amount in dollars had been charged against my account by INFODESKBGLOW.

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