Consolidated vs consolidating financials

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Mark Ashcroft becomes the new leader of European Commercial.

In early 2000 there were 500,000 to 600,000 lenses on backorder at any given day, a great deal for a factory that was at the time casting 160,000 to 180,000 lenses per day.

SOLA started with one factory in 1960 and, by a combination of Greenfield sites and acquisitions, peaked at 18 factories with a global distribution (North, Central and South America, mainland Europe and Ireland, Asia and Australia).

Today there are the big three ex SOLA factories in Mexico, China and Brazil.

In fact it's a graph that many would be fairly proud of.

There are many reasons to justify a belief that a significant part of SOLA's financial woes stemmed from the large number of factories and the complete lack of coordinated manufacturing that existed up to the mid-late 1990's.

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