Consolidating excel workbooks macro

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And finally, you will see a utility that pulls all of these techniques together and more in one location.You can download workbooks containing the code in this article at Ron de Bruin's Web site. We then switch back to our main workbook and select the sheet where we want to paste the data, I have assigned this to the variable called “str Where To Copy”. Open str File Name, Update Links:=False, Read Only:=True Set data WB = Active Workbook Range(str Copy Range). We open the data workbook by using the Application. Next we select the data that has been assigned to the copy range and copy to the clipboard.Here is the code that can combine multiple Excel workbooks in a specified folder into a single Excel workbook: Dir returns the first file name that matches pathname.To get any additional file names that match pathname, call Dir again with no arguments.When no more file names match, Dir returns a zero-length string (“”).Last week, we learned how to use SQL and query data inside Excel. Once we have found the last row we then select the next empty cell below that and paste our data then.

It then loops through the array and for each source file, checks the source and target ranges to see if there are more columns used in the source range than are available in the target range.

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Select Loop Exit Sub Err H: Msg Box “It seems some file was missing.

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