Consolidating sheets excel 2016

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Exploring and implementing these techniques into your own applications can help make your job as a developer easier and make your solutions more versatile.

Ron de Bruin is an Excel Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and a frequent contributor to the newsgroups. Frank Rice is a programming writer and frequent contributor to the Microsoft Office Developer Center.

Finally, the summary worksheet is resized to fit just the inserted data.

There are other options available to you to change the areas in the worksheets that you working with.

When you have similar data in different Excel files, say, split by the year, eventually you'll need to create a chart, a Pivot table, or some sort of summary report with it.

Column End Function Public Function row Last Col Nm(worksheet Nm As String, row Num) As String Dim row Last Col Num As Integer row Last Col Num = Worksheets(worksheet Nm). Address, "$")(1) End Function Public Function Worksheet Exists(By Val Worksheet Name As String) As Boolean On Error Resume Next Worksheet Exists = (Sheets(Worksheet Name).

To make these changes, change the following statement in the code.

In this article, you saw several code samples that you can use to merge data from all or some worksheets into one summary worksheet.

You can simply check off all needed worksheets and define the range you want to consolidate.

Just as in Excel, you can choose the function to apply to numbers.

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