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One guy in Seattle rented a storage space, built a gloryhole and put up a web page to advertise. Earlier this month, celebrating my birthday, two friends asked what I wanted as a gift and I remarked, "I'd really like a gloryhole." Days later the two of them returned with plywood and a hole cutter bit. If you are located in a state without sodomy laws what you are doing is entirely legal.In under an hour they had installed my own private gloryhole right in my home. I've gone through phases where I would spend a bit of time each day sucking cock in a local bookstore or hanging out in my favorite park. You are on private property after all (your house or rental space), so you can't be accused of having 'public sex' and busted by the laws used regularly to harass cruisers (public lewdness, exposing yourself, etc.). My gloryhole is located just steps away from where I'm typing this article.There isn't someone around who you can rush to for protection if this guy turns out to be crazy.2. Making appointments seems to be the common way guys arrange these encounters and someone just might show up looking for a blow and you'll not be in the mood.3.Having your own private gloryhole is yet one more way we isolate ourselves from the bigger world.Straight guys have always known the value of a gloryhole and how it assures anonymity.Of course you eliminate the chance encounter with that horny guy who stumbles upon you on the other side of the hole, but what you get in return is almost certain pleasure from someone who has gone out of their way to have you service his cock.

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When you weight the advantages/disadvantages, I happen to think any cocksucker would choose to install their own private gloryhole. Security is a major concern and my plywood covers a doorway and is secured with latches that are not likely to be 'penetrated' by an intruder.

Disadvantages Of course there are some potential downsides to having a private gloryhole.1.

Absolutely at the top of this short list: a total stranger is coming into your home or private play space.

In today's world, you can use Craiglist's M4M section and -- instead of '90s-style AOL -- take advantage of all the other online and mobile-connected means we now have to find each other.

Mention your gloryhole when you chat up someone on GRINDR or SCRUFF.

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