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June 1988 Caveats about Stress and Lowered Immunity, Female Hormones and S tress, Menstrual Phase Affects Blood Pressure Changes, Links between Stress Immune System, & Endocrine Function, Stress Induced Ischemia and Autonomic Activation, Bowel, Brain, Immune System Interactions, Exhilarating High Stress Jobs and Heart Attacks, Landmark S1.4 Million Reward for Stress in Divorce Case, Stress and Dermatitis, Stress and the Pucker Factor, Touching Reduces Stress and Improves Memory, Stress and the Chemistry of the Runner’s High, Mental Stress & Forearm Blood Flow in Children of Hypertensives, Self-Reported Stress Less in Hypertensives, Are Schools Causing Tense Tots?Sneak Peek (Click the covers to open) These newsletters were written and edited under the strict guidelines to protect their scientific integrity.If you have a special interest in a niche area of stress management please contact us for further information or directions to the correct resource., Identifying Stress Buffers July 1988 The Influence of Aerobic Exercise on Cardiovascular Responses to Psychological Stress, Religious Faith and Heart Attack Risk, Stress Reduction Effective for Low Back Pain, Effect of Relaxation Response on Pressure& Heart Rate, Stressful Workplace and Tension, How Long Does Type A Behavior Modification Last?, Effect of Acute & Chronic Stress on Sexual Arousal in Men, Stress& Burnout Associated with Health Care, Stress& Coronarieisn the Clergy, More on the Health Effects of Attitude, Job Stress Due to Computer Spying, The Health Effects of Bereavement, Stress and Health Risks of Modern Office Buildings, More on Job Stress and Heart Attacks, Why A Good Night’s Sleep Keeps You Healthy.

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