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Oh, and we invented sexy For those who have never dated a Scorpio this can all sound fairly scary. However, that scary Scorpio intensity can be highly addictive, especially for passionate and intense partners.

It is scary, but it's a good scary and not found anywhere else.

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The aspiring model posted a number of shots from backstage at the singer's concert.Scorpios often love both keeping and uncovering secrets. To go off at a slight tangent for a moment, it's interesting to note that the scorpion is unique among the other zodiac animals in many ways aside of the obvious poison/sting.For example, it's capable of killing itself in preference to being killed, is nocturnal, photophobic (a 'sixth sense' used by spiders etc to avoid predators - they pick up on the tiniest changes in light and dark to detect movement before they can see it), they also shed their skin multiple times in a life cycle.In many ways Scorpio is a study of how to be sexy without needing superficial tricks or gimmicks.Uninterested in the shallow or superficial, your Scorpio woman will have an immense curiosity, so if you have secrets to hide then you're best off steering well clear.

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