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2.) A lot of people caught the references in story 4 (the floating letters, the odd graphic during the act break, the “observer” in the background), which I put in there to say “this story is science fiction”. Paula = Codex, Tom = Vork, Indian Kid = Zaboo, white haired woman = Clara.I guess that means Rachel = Tink, and you the player = Bladezz.Then go to a bad ending before dinner, like “Centerfold”, “Rather Be Reading”, or insist on staying at the bar when Ariane is ready to leave. While still in “80” ending mode, take Arch Angel to the diner again and see what happens. ) There are two real web pages mentioned in the game. 5.) There are two versions of the “Nude Photoshoot”.One is the other is much harder, requiring you to color separate the image from the token puzzle. To guarantee getting the long version, at dinner discuss “Books” then “Magazines” then “Men’s Magazines”, then ask if she would do nude photos.v=RLVWZ6Y9aew I was listening to Deluka while creating the images for the band.

For some fun, go to “options” then “Enter Custom”, then start a new game and enter “80” for first date experience (or any date experience that ends well where you eat at the diner).When Rachel dresses like a supermodel and goes to the club, you glance at Rebecca and Ariane standing in line to get in.If you go to the club while LARPing with Arch Angel, you will see Ariane and Rebecca dancing with each other.This is a path I assume most players avoid, for fear of insulting Rachel, but in fact Rachel likes honesty, and will be honest herself about nude modeling.6.) In story 2, if you try to ask Ariane out at the gym, she turns you down.

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