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Conspiracy theorists will have you believe that there is still a clandestine MI7 dealing with matters extraterrestrial.

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For John in London: The FBI is in fact partly an inteligence service. Intelligence Services back then,served and married my mother in England in fifties,also served in France in fifties, I was told even though he was Canadian, he also worked for the British, is it possible that he could have worked for M19 after the War 2, I am trying to validate information I have been learning on him.

At which time we the british empire have been called upon to defend itself, its allies and dependancies it became nessacery to form a number of departments and agencies. There are many federal law enforcement agencies, each state has various investigative agencies (the number depends on the individual states), and of course every town and city has local police agencies. Even many public school districts now have their own independent police departments and most colleges and universities of any size now have their own police departments.

Over the years these dapartments have served a number of different roles and purposes. Altogether there are approximately 850,000 full-time law enforcement officers in the United States.

The FBI is a national and federally empowered police force - to investigate crime.

They do NOT collect clandestine intelligence or have anything to do with the military.

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