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Talking about other love interests is a pretty good sign that your friend just wants to hang out with you. You’re not a foodie, and neither is your friend, but yet, both of you are in a place that seems extravagant.

On the other hand, if you want to stay within the friend zone, just talk about your current squeeze or someone you have a crush on. If the place seems too posh to feel like a comfortable hangout, perhaps your friend is trying to worm their way into your heart through good wine and food. Does your friend try to touch you often even when there’s absolutely no reason or requirement for the touch?

If a friend likes you, whether they’re trying to be discreet or otherwise, they’d have a hard time holding themselves back from trying to get their hands on you.

Almost always, it’s pretty easy to know if the together time is heading towards love, or being shoved to the friend zone.

[Read: The dating girl code all girls definitely need to know] #3 Dressed up and cleaned up. Hanging out together would suddenly start to feel like an interview or a round of 20 questions.

Is your friend all spruced up and looking like a shiny penny, when you clearly know what they’re wearing while hanging out isn’t regular hanging out attire? If your friend likes you, they’d want to know everything about you.

[Read: How to avoid the friend zone and make your friend desire you] The only time it can get rather confusing is when you have a huge crush on the person who asks you out or asks you to hang out, and your mind’s all muddled with love, and every single act or behavior of your ‘friend’ seems convincingly like date-like behavior.

Disguising a date as hanging out If a guy gives you flowers, it’s pretty obvious he has a date in mind.

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