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This information strongly supports the caste and community oneness of RAYA KINGS of Rayalaseema and the Mutha Rayars who ruled Tamilnadu and parts of Kerala.

This information has great importance to assert the fact that Muthurajas of Tamilnadu were Telugu speaking Mutharaya (Mutharacha) warrior kings who migrated from integrated Rayalaseema (Renadu) which includes Bellary districts of Karnataka also.

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go TOP Thirumaiyam temple is located in Pudhukottai district of Tamil Nadu . It is believed that the pallava strategy and support to cholas made it possible for Vijayala Chola to dislodge the Muttarayars from the seat of Tanjavore. Velirs and Muttarayars used to shift their loyalties from Pallavas to and Pandyas to Pallavas depending on the political power & situation from time to time. One of the titles of the Perumpidugu Muttaraiyar was Lord of Tanjore. Webmaster DT:22/12/2005 go TOP Perumpidugu Mutharaiyar was a great king of Tanjore and belonged to Muthuraja / Mudiraja community.

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