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To access it you need your ID number and a password.Electronic Funds Transfer It is mandatory for all staff and students who are continuing full-time, part-time, or casual to complete an online "electronic funds transfer permission" upon hiring.The reasons for termination must be included in the letter of resignation: 1) obtained another job within the U of A 2) obtained another job outside the U of A 3) not returning from maternity leave 4) personal reasons 5) contract ended 6) other (please provide explanation) An absence report must be attached indicating: 1) all leave taken to date 2) current banked time balance 3) current "Extra Time" balance (Modified Work Agreement) The letter of resignation (notice of 10 working days) along with the absence report must be submitted to Sherron in CW405.Change of Address Please make sure that you update your "Bear Tracks" record if your address has changed or upon termination of appointment.He noticed that the bones had the overall shape you'd expect from a human skeleton. The skullcap, for example, sported a heavy brow ridge, hanging over the eyes like a boney pair of goggles. The Neanderthal Man challenged Schaafhausen with a simple yet profound question: Was it a human, or did it belong to another species?It's been over 150 years since the bones first emerged from the Neander Valley—a time during which we've learned a vast amount about human evolution.Please use the most current form (in the Forms Cabinet in CW405) and submit a hard copy as an original supervisor's signature is required.

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Leave Reports All benefited support staff (trust and operating) should submit leave reports on a monthly basis whether leave has been taken or not.Postdoctoral Fellows Please see Peggy Poholko in CW405 for hiring and registration procedures for Postdoctoral Fellows.Employee Pay Information Pay information is found in "Beartracks" (see link below).Sherron Becker, HR Coordinator Support Staff (Trust and Operating), Casual/Hourly Appointments, Leave Reports, Research Associates, Academic Visitors, and CSJ/STEP/NSERC Summer Students 492-8366 Lori Dammann, Financial Assistant Casual/Hourly Appointments and Undergraduates, Travel Claims 492-2710 Chesceri Mason, Graduate Programs (Financial) Graduate Students 492-1904 Melany Rattray, Graduate Programs (Program) Graduate Students 492-1901 Monthly Payday: Jan 29, Feb 26, Mar30, 29, May 28, Jun 29, Jul 30, Aug 28 Semi-Monthly Hourly (before NOON): Jan 14, 28, Feb 11, 25, Mar 10, 30, Apr 14, 28, May 12, 31, Jun 16, 28, Jul 14, 28, Aug 11, Sep 1, 15, 29, Oct 13, 27, Nov 17, 30, Dec 13, 20 Semi -Monthly Payday: Jan 25, Feb 10, 25, Mar 10, 24, Apr 10, 25, May 10, 25, Jun 10, 24, Jul 8, 25, Aug 10, 25, Sep 9, 23, Oct 7, 25, Nov 10, 25, Dec 9, 23, Jan 10 Memo sent to Academic Staff, November 18, 2013: It is time again to remind you of our hiring and termination protocols for support staff.Please discuss with/pass along to your employees (not all will have access via our e-mail lists).

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