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The American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association do not support the therapy.'No one can change who they love, and, more importantly, no one should have to,' GLAAD president Sarah Kate Ellis said in a statement.From 390 to 405, Jerome translated anew from the Hebrew all 39 books in the Hebrew Bible, including a further version of the Psalms.This new translation of the Psalms was labelled by him as "" (i.e.Jerome translated all the Hebrew books of the Jewish canon (including the book of Psalms from the Greek Hexapla Septuagint), the books of Tobias and Judith from Aramaic, the additions to the book of Esther from the Common Septuagint and the additions to the book of Daniel from the Greek of Theodotion.The Vulgate's components include: Jerome did not embark on the work with the intention of creating a new version of the whole Bible, but the changing nature of his program can be tracked in his voluminous correspondence.

43 of his City of God that "in our own day the priest Jerome, a great scholar and master of all three tongues, has made a translation into Latin, not from Greek but directly from the original Hebrew." Nevertheless, Augustine still maintained that the Septuagint alongside the Hebrew witnessed the inspired text of Scripture and consequently pressed Jerome for complete copies of his Hexaplar Latin translation of the Old Testament, a request that Jerome ducked with the excuse that the originals had been lost "through someone's dishonesty".'Deserve our support': Preston and Megan Dahlgren hold their daughter Naomi as they pose for a photograph Monday near Salt Lake City.Two Utah men set to appear in the reality TV show My Husband's Not Gay, say they're fulfilled in their relationships to their wives even though they're attracted to other men Dahlgren and another Mormon man from Utah featured in the show say they're happy in their marriages, and they hope the program shows gives stories like theirs a foothold in the conversation about sexuality.The gay rights group GLAAD, however, says the show sends the wrong message and is a sad reminder of so-called gay conversion therapy, often faith-based efforts designed to change sexual orientation that can be emotionally scarring.New Jersey and California in 2013 banned therapists from practicing gay conversion therapy on children and teenagers.

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