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She had been potty trained for the daytime at about two and a half, but four years ago when Hannah was 14, after the death of her father she started to have accidents in the daytime.

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She could hear that her mum was still on the phone. Instead of talking she turned round and lifted up her t-shirt. A couple of minutes Jackie came back with a bottle of juice.

She didn't mind other adults she knew changing her, but hated it when her friends or someone she didn't really know had to change her Although Hannah had to wear the nappies and pull-ups because she had accidents, she liked to wear them and knew that she would want wear them even if she didn't have accidents. Her brother Ted was 30 lived about an hour away with his wife Sandra and their three children Jessie who was seven, Michael who was five and Tia who was two.

She also liked to be babied occasionally, however her mum didn't like to baby her and would sometimes tell Hannah off if she started to speak baby talk. Hannah's sister Louise was 28 lived only about ten minutes away by car with her girlfriend Allie. When her mum went out in an evening it was Louise and sometimes Allie as well that came over to stay with Hannah.

I want to have at least 10 members so we can participate in clan wars if we want, but of course would love more members than that. We have a US same ♥♥♥ couple in our clan if thats a help... we war twice a week, though sometimes we do miss the occasional war but this is a function of being at 30 not 50.

Current stats: Town Hall: Level 8 Level: 72 Trophies: 1440 p.s. Not sure why it should make any difference as they are just regular clash mates.... Though we are looking to grow to 50, but on the clan terms...

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