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Besides creating very realistic fake driver’s licenses, Fake ID is also known for making novelty licenses, diplomas and even certificates.Other than servicing clients in the United States, this site can also make fake ID cards for Russian clients as well as those living in Europe.This site knows what they are doing is not exactly within the legal boundaries of the law.In fact, Fake 21 has a disclaimer that they only create fake ID cards for college students who would like to go clubbing but not necessarily to consume alcohol.Fake 21 is exclusive in a sense that they only make New York driver’s licenses that are counterfeit to ensure the quality of their work.So, unless you live in the city, you can’t get any type of ID from them.The site provides a warning on what not to do when buying a fake ID and what you should be avoiding as well.

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Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.Do not let the name “novelty” fool you into thinking that what they make does not look authentic.Novelty ID Cards have a bunch of features in the cards that they make such as being thermal printed, containing magnetic stripes, holograms and even programmed barcodes to add to the “legitimacy” of each.Even the standard identification fake ID that you will order looks very fancy and will lead anyone to believe that it is authentic as well as official.This site is one of the new ones that have recently opened their doors for the public.

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